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How it works

You've got a content that you want to present to somebody anytime in the future. It can be in 2 days, in a month or in few years.

It can be a birthday wish, a reminder of what you did together few years ago, a will for your kids. Or anything else that you can think of..

Fill in the person's email address, a message and/or a file, then pick the dates when you want the notifications to happen. Only the last notification makes the content available. The previous notifications serve the purpose of building the EXCITEMENT for the scheduled content.

The person will be notified on the dates specified by yourself, and after the last notification, they can access the content!


You can be sure your scheduled content is safe. The person for which the content is scheduled, will receive uniquely generated password. That allows only them to access the content.

A reliable service takes care of notifying the person on scheduled dates with 1 minute of maximum deviation!

Set up up to 6 notifications before the content actually becomes available for viewing.

You can attach any type of file to your scheduled content. The typical use case is a photo or a video, but PDF document works too!



  • anonymous scheduling
  • 1 notification
  • 2000 message characters

Log in and get:

  • named scheduling
  • 5000 message characters


only €1.95/month

Basic plus:

  • up to 6 notifications
  • file upload up to 1 GB


Looking for a custom upload quota or a new feature? Get in touch with us and let's figure it out!

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